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Maximizing Revenues is our Mission

      Revmax Technologies of Boca Raton, FL, is a national and international hospitality consulting service specializing in maximizing revenues and dedicated to excellence.


     With over 22 years of Hotel, Restaurant and Lounge experience, I am confident of my ability to increase profitability of your hotel portfolio. Each of these opportunities brings an additional level of strength and return on your investment.


  • No Long-term commitments
  • Savings by eliminating payroll, payroll taxes, insurance and benefits
  • Independent, expert advice
  • Set time period to reach expected goals

     The major difference between my consulting services and services provided by others is simple. I work alone, I do the actual work and I hold myself accountable, tasks will be accomplished in record time, ultimately saving you monies. Profits will continue rolling in well after my services end. There is an art to turning LOOKERS into BOOKERS. I take pride in the fact that I sell Value not Price. It has been proven over and over again that, consumers will pay for value received.


     Designed to fully asses the current status of the properties and review their current performance levels, the following review(s) and report(s) will be generated, while allowing hotel staff to perform their regular duties without interruption:

Services, and not limited to:

  • Revenue versus budgeted goals
  • Assist in the budgeting process if none is available
  • 30-60-90 day property turn around
  • Property system check/Electronic Distribution Enhancement. Expert advice on third party distribution
  • Management Report Analysis
  • Staffing Analysis of all Operating Departments, staff training


  • Executive Summary.
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Production. .
  • Property Profit and Loss Statements
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Brand Contribution and Yield Reports
  • Property Level Sales Report analysis


      Designed to provide your organization with the Senior Leadership that will cement your ROI, I will provide hands on supervision of the following management functions for your hotel portfolio. Work diligently to increase market share from business sources that are most profitable for the hotels.

      Monthly Action Plans will be prepared for each property. Plan is designed as a detailed checklist and will become a living report. This checklist will be reviewed at the end of each month; either it is checked off as completed or updated.

  • Annual Business and Marketing Plan Development
  • Complete Market Analysis - competition
  • Supervision and Audit of All Out-Sourced Services
  • Brand Participation and Interaction
  • Weekly REVMAX Meetings with Property Leadership (easily done by phone)
  • Price positioning, price grids, rate parity, pricing strategies. Rate loading.
  • Denial and Refusal Report Analysis
  • Electronic Channel Distribution Report Analysis and Action Plans written for each property accordingly.
  • Client sales calls, Coordinate email blasts
  • Interact with Tourism Bureaus
  • Monthly Guest Service Score Review
  • Collateral Design and Production Services
  • Web Page Analysis recommendations.
  • Front Desk, Reservations and Sales Training
  • Supervision of All Property Sales and Marketing Functions
  • Supervision of All Property Executive Functions

Esin Davis, CHSP
9590 Rutledge Ave
Boca Raton, FL 33434
Email: esin3803@bellsouth.net